Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous UK



If we are serious about working on our recovery we will feel amazing results before we are half way done. We will taste a new freedom from our obsessive-compulsiveness. We will accept our past and grow from it. We will feel peace of mind that we never thought possible. We will realise that our experience can now help others. Self-pity and shame will leave us. Our self-centredness will be replaced with a trust in others and God. Our negative attitudes and behaviours will decrease. Our insecurities and fears concerning people will lessen. We will now welcome change instead of fear it. Our priorities and concerns will move away from ourselves and into helping others. Self-hate will be replaced with self-esteem. Life will no longer be a constant struggle with no relief in sight. We will feel God working in our lives today.

Are the extravagant promises?

We think not.

They are happening for us. If we work for them they will always materialise in time.

(Based on "Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous" book, page 34)

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