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It seems that OCD has received much attention of late. The last years of the twentieth century have provided an explosion of information about our problem. For some of us, finally accepting that this was our problem was a source of comfort after years of confusion.

Unfortunately, many of us were led to believe that we were somehow responsible for getting OCD or that if we weren't so "weak" we would be better already. At OCA we were told that we were not responsible for getting OCD, but that we were responsible for working toward our recovery.

At this writing, the medical and psychological communities appear to have effective treatments for OCD - including medications and behaviour therapy - OCA does not endorse any specific treatments for OCD, but we do recommend that out members see a doctor skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of OCD. Resources (see the list on the last page of the book) can be contacted for referrals to a professional in your area.

OCA is not a referral centre or a psychological counselling service. OCA is a fellowship of people who are using the Twelve Step Programme to obtain relief from our obsessions and compulsions. We have found that be incorporating these suggestions in this book into our lives we are granted significant relief from our OCD. Those of us at OCA who are receiving professional help for OCD have found this programme a welcome addition.

(Based on "Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous" book, page vii)

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