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These are tools that we have found which aid us in implementing the Twelve Steps into our lives. We have found that if we are willing to take the following actions, marvellous things start to occur in our lives.

1. A commitment to ABSTINANCE: letting go of obsessive thoughts and not completing OCD rituals. With this commitment, we are able to find an ease in practicing the principles of step one.

2. SPONSORSHIP: as the very foundation of our programme is one helping another, we ask sponsors to guide us through the journey of recovery. Sponsors are those who are committed to the practice and principles of the Twelve Steps in all their affairs.

3. MEETINGS: attendance at meetings enables us to identify, experience and share those feelings which we have repressed with our OCD. By hearing others open up, we are more able to find the willingness to be more honest, and freer in our pursuits.

4. The TELEPHONE: provides us with a mini-meeting. Again, it is an opportunity to help one another - the essence of the Twelve Steps - please do not hesitate: CALL!

5. LITERATURE: is used as a guide to our programme of recovery. Twelve step literature from other programmes is also helpful.

6. SERVICE: is a many-faceted tool. Service provides us with the means of freeing ourselves from nagging obsessions. It is a means of getting out of one's self and giving back to OCA a little of what we have received. Service may be in the form of a commitment, or volunteering on the spot, such as setting up, cleaning up, making coffee, holding an office, leading or speaking at meetings, giving a ride, welcoming and talking to newcomers, or by "carrying the message" to the person who still suffers from OCD. By doing service we are able to see the light of the twelfth step.

(Based on "Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous" book, page 205)

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