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We, as a fellowship, have found that together we can get well when separately we could not. Many of us have spent countless hours "battling" our obsessions and compulsions, swearing them off forever only to find ourselves right back where we started.

There is a solution! The Twelve Steps, as originated by alcoholics, and adapted for OCD, can bring much relief to our common dilemma.

Most of us have found that using this programme together in the meetings can reduce or eliminate our obsessions and compulsions. We have found it most helpful in our meetings to emphasize the Twelve Steps and the programme literature while discussing our personal stories, since it is the programme that brings the much-desired relief.

Discussions of a personal nature are encouraged, but are used to re-enforce how we apply the programme in our lives today. We have also found it useful to emphasize how we practice the programme today. Examples include calling our sponsors, helping other people with OCD, taking our inventories and praying to a Higher Power. We have found this daily emphasis much more satisfying than dwelling on our obsessions and compulsions and whether we had a "good or bad" day with them.

If we practice the programme on a daily basis, our obsessions and compulsions will take on less importance and our programme will take root to grow and flourish, providing us relief. It appears that meetings can provide a daily foundation for our recovery because it is there that we are reminded of who we are and what the programme suggests we do to recover.

There are a whole host of anonymous Twelve Step Groups which welcome us with open arms. Although these other Twelve Step meetings may not specifically address OCD, you can still find the programme and the fellowship, and take this applied knowledge in starting a local OCA group. This will often re-enforce your recovery even further.

Lastly, if you are not familiar with what you find in the book, relax; you do not have to understand or apply it all at once. Gradually much of what is discussed here will begin to infiltrate your life and the desired changes will come. In the meantime, read on and attend meetings.

(Based on "Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous" book, page 15)

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